Introducing the New Member in JoyFous Home!

Dear JoyFous fans,


Greetings from the JoyFous Team! Thank you for your continued love and support, and we’re glad to have you as a member of JoyFous Home. We are excited to announce that the JoyFous Retractable Rolling Shower Screen will be launching soon on Indiegogo! Subscribe today and join the JoyFous Home Community to get more first-hand benefits and information! 

JoyFous shower screen is designed specifically for 3 wall bathtubs. Bringing the innovative fully-retracted rolling design and 3 special mold-proof layers, JoyFous Retractable Rolling Shower Screen maximizes shower space while keeping your shower bacteria, mold, and mildew free. It makes installation easier than ever and allows flexible adjustment. JoyFous is committed to balancing perfectly between privacy and entry, providing the most enjoyable shower time with uncompromising functionality to your home.


Compared to the current shower curtain, the JoyFous Retractable Rolling Shower Screen has advantages in the following ways:

1) Mold-resistant: JoyFous has a mold-resistant and water-repellent silicone layer for long-term use, while the current shower curtain molds quickly.

2) Watertight: JoyFous features the unique rolling design and sealed tight threshold water dam for complete dry-wet separation; while the current shower curtain can’t prevent water from splashing out and easily sticks to your skin when it gets wet.

3) Visual effect: JoyFous has a modern design that fits most home decor and becomes invisible when fully retracted; while the current shower curtain cannot be fully collapsed, making the bathroom ugly and messy.

Launching soon on Indiegogo! Do not miss it out!

JoyFous Home, Joyful Your Life!


With love,

JoyFous Team

6 thoughts on “Introducing the New Member in JoyFous Home!”

  1. Christian Warner

    In the UK, if you are not extremely wealthy , we generally don’t have 3 wall baths we have two wall L shaped bathes with no wall at the rear end of the bath.
    So I love this product ! , But it’s no workable for 90% of the UK , this should have been researched before you poured all the funding into a non modifying product ? .

    1. Dear Christian Warner
      Thank so much for your comments
      Spare for screen holding matched two wall L shaped is on developing. I will move your comments to our R&D to speed up the process
      Have a nice day
      JoyFous Team

    1. Hi, Melanie G Arwin
      Thanks for your comments. The taller stall version is on developing now. It will be the next step to be launched to the market.
      I will move your comments to our R&D team to speed up the developing.
      I will keep you updated for stall one launching
      Have a nice day.

    1. Dear Priyanna Solomon
      Thanks for showing your interest
      Right now, it will take expensive around $150-$180 by air to delivery to your place.
      And if you have distribution idea, please send email to for further discussion.
      Have nice days.

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